Sean Cham (b. 1994, Singapore) is an intermedia visual and performing artist. He is a current third year undergraduate at Yale-NUS College, with an Urban Studies major and an Arts and Humanities minor. His interest is in urban history and heritage, with the history of Singapore’s public housing as his current focus. Intrigued by histories and memories in relation to the urban environment, Sean’s works have always aimed to capture the theatre of life. His subject matters include abandoned places in Singapore, dreams of migrant workers, and myths all over the world. 

Sean’s works have been exhibited in Singapore, London, and South Korea, and featured in websites and publications in Singapore. In 2017, Sean launched his first book Yesteryears, published by Math Paper Press. He also received a grant from The Future of Our Pasts; the work - First Storeys - will be presented as a theatrical installation piece in 2019. 



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