Sean Cham is an artist from Singapore, working at the intersections of visual art, performance, and situated practice. His interdisciplinary practice is concerned with urban development, and the contradictions and conflicts that arise. Particularly, he is interested in collective memory and historiography — what we remember, and how we remember. His work comprises archival research, ethnographic studies, and archaeological digs.

Cham’s works were exhibited in Singapore and internationally – Ethiopia, South Korea, Spain, and Sweden. His works had been commissioned by M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, The Future of Our Pasts Festival, and NUS Centre For the Arts. Cham is also a published author, and a finalist for several awards (Invisible Photographers Asia Award 2018, 9th French + Singapore Photographic Arts Award, 212 Photography Competition 2019). 

Cham is currently pursuing his MA in Situated Practice at Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, and holds a BA (Hons) in Urban Studies from Yale-NUS College.