We live in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, yet the differences between countries continue to widen and cause conflict. The disparity becomes glaring and uncomfortable sometimes, and this discomfort translates into rumours and hearsay. This hearsay further propels stereotypes and tension between one another, begetting misunderstandings and distrust. We often start to cast misguided judgments based on the little knowledge that we know. 

Hearsay (2016) captures the myths and legends of each country, in hopes of dispelling misguided judgments. These stories are passed down from generation to generation - about the country’s founding, tales that warn children of lurking danger, the history and significance of a place. From the sighting of the lion by Sang Nila Utama, to the lost island which Calypso detained Odysseus in The Odyssey, these legends are unique to each country. Stories bind people and form the collective memory of a country. Hearsay aims to collect and curate these stories, to celebrate our differences and diversity, while creating a shared narrative across the world.