Odes to You (2017)

Exhibited at CICA Museum, South Korea (2018)
Shortlist for 212 Photography Competition 2019

Odes to You is a response to the eviction of residents from Dakota Crescent and Rochor Centre at the end of 2016. As residents move out in the last month, they leave behind trash, antiques, memories and stories lurking in the dumpsters and corridors. Dakota Crescent was built in 1958, and was named after the DC-3 Dakota — a plane that often landed in the old Kallang Airport near the estate. Rochor Centre was built in 1977, and its iconic colours were painted in 1994 after an upgrading programme.

Odes to You features 59 and 40 clones of the artist respectively, one for each year of the estate’s history before its eventual demise. The clones represent the stories that once proliferated the entire estate. The artist’s body is used as a prop to suggest different narratives, and pays homage to the generations of residents who lived in the estate. 

Keywords: development, eviction, history, in situ, memory, places.