Reclaim_Land (2017)

Exhibited at Landskrona Foto Festival, Sweden (2018), Kontenporanea, Spain (2018)

Reclaim_Land is a series of imagined experiments and projects. The projects appear to be at parts whimsical and at parts absurd, portrayed in a surreal and fantastical landscape. The projects include prototyping new infrastructure, creating new innovations, and lying on grass. Juxtaposed against a largely natural landscape, the series explores our relationship with nature and the environment in Singapore.

The ‘garden city’ vision and innovation was introduced in 1967 to transform Singapore into a clean and green city with lush greenery and an unpolluted environment, making life in Singapore more pleasant and pleasurable. Trees were planted and lined along all the streets and its arterial roads, and foliage has now been incorporated into our built environment. There is a seemingly harmonious and synergistic relationship with the country’s biodiversity; the central catchment area is preserved for wildlife to thrive, and old trees have been given heritage status.

Undoubtedly, Singapore prides herself for innovative infrastructure and constant new developments across the country. Technological advancements such as land reclamation and NEWater have been lauded, and these innovations constantly challenge and push the boundaries of our natural environment. Reclaim_Land serves as a reflection of these innovations and advancement, in relation to the flora and fauna of Singapore. 

Keywords: environment, imagined, innovation, nature, places, technology.