Yesteryears captures 50 abandoned and forgotten places in Singapore through a series of in situ self-portraits. The buildings photographed are in different states of ruination, from the crumbling roofs of Istana Woodneuk to the soon-to-be demolished Rochor Centre. These buildings represent the modern ruins of post independence Singapore, an era that lives not only with progress but also the fleeting ruins left in its wake. In a city that is ever modernizing and growing, there is barely any room for the ruin. Buildings that are deemed obsolete will be torn down to make way for something bigger and butter. But in the face of the storm called progress, as German philosopher Walter Benjamin expounded in 'Thesis on the Philosophy of History', it is important to retain our historical consciousness.

Published by Math Paper Press
ISBN 978-981-11-2552-2
225mm x 225mm



this is how you walk on the moon is a practical field guide to the vagaries of our contemporary universe; a handbook for navigating the sublime, the subjective, and the inexplicable. Collected in this anthology are 25 previously unpublished short stories from award-winners and newcomers alike - fictions that declare the infinite permutations of reality, while exploring the rarity of human connection across all possible worlds.

Book Cover Design and Photography by Sean

Published by Ethos Books
ISBN 978-981-11-0985-0
130mm x 200mm



The first creative urban guide profiling young urban creatives under the age of 35 in Singapore. A perfect companion to any weekend of rambling in the city!

This 100-page publication features:

  • a free walking trail of inspired places as recommended by designers under 35;
  • feature of Singapore-based designers under 35 years old;
  • stories of stops featured in The City Ramble Heritage and The City Ramble Process;
  • essays about exploring the creative city;
  • photos and illustrations!

Sean is one of the featured creatives in this publication. 

Published by Shophouse & Co