Something Dead, Something Broken (2018)
Photograph, air dry clay, plant that died in my care, wind chime that broke one night, plinths, balloons, news headlines on paper strips, signages

Sean has been living with thanatophobia since young, an irrational fear of death, and dying. For more than 20 years of his life, Sean often wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. This fear was made worst during a near-death experience in 2016, when he almost drowned in Sussex, England. He always avoids conversations that revolve around the issues of death, and dying. This work is his first attempt at acknowledging this irrational fear, and to make peace with it.

The work was originally sited in a cargo lift, where viewers are invited to stay in the enclosed space for any duration. The signages in the lift were also subtly modified to address death, and dying. News headlines of recent deaths are kept in balloons, that were blown by the artist.

Under the Rimau Tree (2018)
Photograph, news article, paper wreath, candles, dog tag, toy pistol, golf ball

There are some histories that we choose to remember and celebrate, and some that we choose to forget — accounts and stories that fade silently into the background. Under the Rimau Tree questions the different layers of history tied to a geographic location — Yale-NUS College — which includes World War II, the execution of 10 Australian Commandos, and a golf course for the rich. The work also questions what is history, what we choose to remember, and how we remember. The piece plays with archival images, the recreation of archival images, and imagined archives. The last post bugle call accompanied the piece, echoing through the entire stairwell.