This is Where (2018-2019)
Photographs in JCDecaux Bus Shelters Islandwide

Commissioned by M1 Singapore Fringe Festival

In the name of development and nation-building, monuments and buildings quickly become obsolete and get facelifts, while old infrastructure are demolished to make way for new ones. The Singapore landscape and state-sanctioned icons keep changing, and the only constant seems to be construction sites all across the island.

Through a satirical documentation of construction sites in Singapore, This is Where brings to light construction work and migrant workers (in all industries) who have been relegated to abject status — hidden behind noise panels and safety barriers.

Well and truly, This is Where anything is made possible uniquely in Singapore.

Keywords: development, forgotten, in situ, infrastructure, migrant workers, places.

“Part of the cheeky satire lies in the medium chosen for this work; displayed on various JCDecaux boards around bus-stops in Singapore, each photo is overlain with text that pokes fun at existing ad campaigns” - Bakchormeeboy

“To this end, Cham’s work successfully avoids falling into the trap of gross oversimplification or the use of shock tactics to provoke thought. Rather, his work goes quite the other way, harnessing the tools of humour, satire and kitsch to prompt a conversation of a different kind. … Through the consumerist gloss of JC Decaux, Cham makes us think about a fundamental concern with workers’ rights in Singapore — that better protection for migrant worker rights almost always results in rising costs for regular end consumers, whether personal or monetary.” - Usha Chandradas, Plural Art Mag